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"Sending Mooncakes with Love" Activity in Guangming Church

"Sending Mooncakes with Love" Activity in Guangming Church

The group photo of Dunhua Guangming Church volunteers who sent mooncakes to elderly people The group photo of Dunhua Guangming Church volunteers who sent mooncakes to elderly people(Provided by Cao Yajie )
ByCCD contributor: Cao Yajie September 09, 2019
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Nearing the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Guangming church in the Ninzhu street of Dunhua city, Jilin province carried out a large-scale "sending mooncakes with love" activity from September 2 to 4 of this year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival that falls on Sept 13 this year. Dunhua Guangming Church for many years has organized benevolent activities during traditional festival times. It made traditional foods and sent them to seniors' care homes, hospital wards, to those living on meagre means, and so on. This year, the church allocated funds to make mooncakes containing the Chinese characters from the twelve socialist core values.

Before the event, Pastor Wang Daiyu, the chairman of the Dunhua Christian Council & Three-Self Patriotic Movement (CC&TSPM), said to the brothers and sisters who participated in the event that the activity was not simply about sending things, but also about sending along love into people's hearts through the giving of mooncakes, comforting patients and praying for the sick and the weak. Therefore, along with each moon cake, there was also a letter of comfort and encouragement.

More than 60 brothers and sisters participated in the charity event. They were divided into different groups and visited 17 seniors' care homes all over the city, giving mooncakes to all the elderly. They spent two days visiting 466 elderly people over the age of 80 and also hosted families in the church. A total of 1400 people were blessed by their efforts. The total cost of the activity of giving mooncakes was 36,000 yuan.

(The writer is a co-worker of the CC&TSPM of Dunhua city, Jilin province.)

-Translated by Heirs Han


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