China's House Church leaders Issue "'Mission China 2030' Hong Kong Declaration and Program of Action"

7.#Mission China 2030#
7.#Mission China 2030#
By Ruth WongOctober 6th, 2015

From the evening of Sep. 28th to Oct. 1st 2015, the first mobilization meeting of Mission China 2030 was held in Hong Kong. Hundreds of church leaders and workers from Mainland churches, including house churches, attended the meeting and shared the vision of turning China from a mission-receiving country into a mission-sending country.

The meeting stressed that as this year 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the founding of China Inland Mission by James Hudson Taylor, and the 60th anniversary of the founding China's first house church marked by the accomplishment of Wang Mingdao's "We, Because of Faith" in 1955, 2015 was expected to be the year when the vision of MC 2030 was presented, i.e. China's churches sending 20,000 missionaries around the world by 2030. The initiator argued that during the over 200 years since Robert Morrison, the first Protestant missionary arrived in China in 1807, about 20,000 foreign missionaries came to China successively, so China also hoped to send out 20,000 overseas missionaries and pay off its "gospel debts" and only by doing this, China would deserve the title of "Mission China".

The meeting also stressed that passion was not everything in terms of mission. Missionaries should realize mission comprehensively and make the path of mission steadier. For example, they should understand that mission was the nature rather than work of church, mission was practicing gospel rather than words, the renewal of culture could not be neglected but realize in the process of mission, missionaries must be qualified in order to cultivate qualified disciples, continuous caring for frontline missionaries must not be neglected in the process of mission, and missionary methods must be used creatively based on local conditions since there wasn't any universal missionary pattern.

During the meeting, Hong Kong Declaration and Program of Action of "Mission China 2030" was issued, which comprised 7 assurances in the first part and 11 programs of action in the second part.

Translated By: Jasmine He 

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