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Zhengzhou Christians Dedicates Changjiang Lu Church

Zhengzhou Christians Dedicates Changjiang Lu Church

Changjiang Lu Church Changjiang Lu Church
ByIssachar Li December 24, 2015
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Changjiang Lu Church, the grandest church in Zhengzhou, held the dedication ceremony on Dec. 18. Over 2000 believers witnessed the dedication.

The live video introduces that Zhengzhou began to build the church in 1998, which was also the theological training center of Zhengzhou CCC&TSPM. Due to the construction of urban road, it was removed to another place. The new church building which covers 8 mu along with the surrounding facilities, was rebuilt in 2014 and finished in October of 2015. The new building, 20.6 meter-high, 42-long and 25-wide, can hold 2300 people with the construction area of 2265.9 square meters. In the future it will be the priority to hold important church activities and church weddings for believers as the grandest church in Zhengzhou.

Rev. Zheng Chunshi, the deputy president of Henan CCC and president of Kaifeng CCC, prayed for the dedication. Rev. Zang Baoru, the deputy chairman and president of Henan TSPM&CCC, gave the sermon "Offer the spiritual offering  acceptable by God in God's temple". Zhengzhou Sacred Music Choir, a team formed by members from eight churches of Zhengzhou, offered the hymns Glory to God in the highest and How Grand the Song of the Lamb Will Be, etc.

Rev. Li Shengmin, the chairman of Zhengzhou TSPM, told the congregation that many believers donated actively and prayed for the temple of God during the construction. Some donated furnishings like doors, windows, cupboards and even some donated several hundred thousand yuan. It is estimated that the donation has reached 34.61 million yuan from 2014 to 2015 and the construction has costed 37.5 million.

Rev. Huang Xing, who is the deputy president and chairman of Zhengzhou CCC&TSPM, gave thanks to God for the completion of the church and prayed for the construction of Tiakang Lu Church. He stated that in recent years Zhengzhou concentrates on building Changjiang Lu Church and Taikang Lu Church, the latter whose main project will be finished in the end of the year and which will be decorated and dedicated next year. 

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