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Donghe CCC&TSPM Holds The First Christian Cooking Training Program

Donghe CCC&TSPM Holds The First Christian Cooking Training Program

cooking training program cooking training program(GospelTimes)
ByYang Liming January 22, 2016
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From January 13 to 19, 2016, Donghe CCC&TSPM held the first training program on food safety, kitchen hygiene and cooking skills, Baotou. 60 pastoral staff from 16 churches attended it. 

Presbyterian Yang Liming, the secretary of Donghe CCC&TSPM and national cooking technician, was the main speaker. The program adopted the online reports and WeChat tracking of communication method so that many co-workers could watch the training class simultaneously.

The content of the training lessons included Life Services, Reception Etiquette, food poison and prevention, cooking skills, theory and practice, blending skills with life, field operation.

Cooking is essential for churches in Inner Mongolia which all have canteens. It is needed for preachers, Christmas dinners and dedication ceremonies. When a new church is completed, members from other churches all come to attend dedication when  normally 3000 to 5000 people eat.

From another perspective, now many unemployed Christians are finding jobs. If they acquire cooking skills and run restaurants, it can be a means of making a living. 

Founded in 2013, Meihui Park Restaurant Food Company sells the special food "shaomai", also called mutton dumplings. In the beginning Yang Liming was responsible for ingredient work and after one year it has 49 branches, which realizes the employment of 270 people.

From this point cooking training has great significance which benefits people and churches. 

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