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Shandong CCC Ordains 21 Pastoral Staff

Shandong CCC Ordains 21 Pastoral Staff

 Ordination Ceremony Ordination Ceremony(CCCTSPM)
ByGrace Zhi February 05, 2016
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Shandong CCC held the ordination ceremony, ordaining 21 pastoral staff. 

On the afternoon of January 31, Shandong CCC held the ordination ceremony hosted by Rev. Gaoming, the chairman and president of Shandong CCC&TSPM in Huangjiajie Church, Jining. Presbyterian Zhai Fuke was ordained as minister and other 20 pastoral staff as presbyterians.

The day before January 31, Huangjiajie Church celebrated its 90th founding anniversary ceremony, recalling the history of how Christianity was preached into Jining. In 1887, the U.S. Presbyterian church firstly preached the gospel into Jining, after that American Southern Baptist Mission and other seven denominations followed. They founded churches, set up schools, hospitals and developed charity and public welfare career. 

Currently there are 484 churches, 46 pastor staff and over 130,0000 believers in Jining.

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