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[Walk with Jesus in Holy Week] Day 4: Holy Wednesday/Spy Wednesday

[Walk with Jesus in Holy Week] Day 4: Holy Wednesday/Spy Wednesday

Easter Blessings - Holy Wednesday Easter Blessings - Holy Wednesday(CrossCards.com)
ByJosiah Li March 24, 2016
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Holy Wednesday or Spy Wednesday is the last Wednesday prior to Easter Sunday; it is the fourth day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, and Holy Tuesday. Depending on the denomination, this particular day may or may not be celebrated at all. 

There's no record of Jesus' service on this day when he put down everything and  just quietly communicated with God alone .Many pastors deliver the message of "retreat" to the congregation on Holy Wednesday.

Rev. Zhang Yanqin of Beijing Fengtai Church called the members to imitate Jesus and learn to retreat.

As John 12:36 reads, "When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them."

Jesus often put aside his service and communicated with God alone in quietness. It's His time alone with God and He quietly focused only on Him.

Upon the coming of storms, he was totally quiet before God, getting the strength from the heaven. 

Rev. Zhang believes man, as finite creature, will be tired.Tireness often triggers sin nature like complaints and losing your temper, which falls short of the glory of God. 

Then how to retreat?

To retreat is to return to God and ask for his power.

Speak and cast your burdens to God through prayers, meanwhile listen to His word through reading the Scripture and meditation.

One should arrange a "retreat" according to his own schedule. Force yourself to be quiet and come to the Lord. Return to Him and regain strength.

As a rest can makes music more beautiful, Christians' life needs a rest-retreat, in Zhang's eyes.

She encouraged them to practice waiting for God and the faith that God never bungles the thing with her 30-year service experience.

When man waits for God in quietness, God will do His will on him.

She hoped everyone could learn to retreat by drawing near to the Lord and taste the sweetness and grace of the Lord's presence.

Rev. Zhang Zailiang from Yunnan Theological Seminary thinks the connotation of Holy Wednesday is equiping when Jesus equipped himself to embrace the coming death.

Being with God, Jesus got the heavenly power to fight back the devil.

Zhang says, "Our lives also need equipment. A life without equipment is a poor life  that will deprive us of the heavenly power, dignity and authority, making us aware of weakness and bow down before the world, devil and authority!" 

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