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Chinese in Japan Evangelistic Gathering 2016 to be held in May, Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi Invited to Witness

Chinese in Japan Evangelistic Gathering 2016 to be held in May, Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi Invited to Witness

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ByRuth Wang April 30, 2016
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The Tokyo Chinese Evangelistic Gathering is the biggest annual Chinese Christian gathering in Japan. This year it will be held from 21st to 22nd May. The organizer hopes it will help Chinese Christians in Japan to cope with their isolation and suffering.

The theme of this gathering will be “Let the Future Answer the Present”, and the themes on the 21st and 22nd will be “The Road to Eternity” and “Walking in the Light of Tomorrow”, respectively.

This event is hosted by the Japanese Chinese Christians’ Center, which invited two key members of the party to share their experiences.

One of the speakers is Hua Xin, who is the Pastor at the Chicago Living Water Evangelical Church and who also serves as the Agency Director General at the “Overseas Campus”. In 1991, after witnessing Chinese student Lu Gang’s school shooting, he wrote “The Revelation of Love and Hatred” telling the victims’ stories of forgiveness and love.

The gathering has also invited Chinese Christian Liao Zhi, a dancer from Sichuan, who suvived after being buried for 26 hours in the Wenchuan earthquake. She lost her daughter, her legs were severed in the disaster, and her husband left her.

Nevertheless, two months later, after all the pain she took part on her knees in charity performances for the victims from her hometown, and shot the movie “Inspiration”.

Liao Zhi explained that her dream of dancing had not been fulfilled because of her small stature; she hadn’t expected she would receive so many opportunities to perform and dedicate her life so much, but the prostheses which were fitted on her after the disaster had enabled her to have the dream height. Along the road, Liao Zhi’s heart has been filled only with gratitude: she can wear high heels even after losing her legs, her life has gradually been strengthened despite her shortened body, and she has also started a new family. Liao Zhi witnessed on many public occasions that her Christian faith was what encouraged her to overcome all these obstacles.  

Liao Zhi is also called the modern Job, who eventually saw God after going through all sorts of suffering. Today, she has become even more optimistic and cheerful.

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