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Amity attends first China-Africa Public Diplomacy Forum

Amity attends first China-Africa Public Diplomacy Forum

Amity’s Assistant General Secretary She Hongyu participating in a panel discussion Amity’s Assistant General Secretary She Hongyu participating in a panel discussion(Amity Foundation)
ByAmity Foundation August 14, 2016
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On August 9, the Amity Foundation participated in the China-Africa Public Diplomacy Forum in Dar es Salaam with over 100 representatives to discuss further cooperation and exchange. Among them were officials, businesspeople, academics, media professionals and NGO workers.

Amity’s Assistant Secretary-General She Hongyu and four staff members attended the forum. The overall theme of the forum, which was organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association, was to promote a comprehensive development approach between China and Africa and intensify future common development based on win-win cooperation, mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

Actors and academics of civil society discussed the opportunities for social development and cooperation among NGOs, companies and local communities on a sub forum on social welfare and cooperation, which was co-financed by the Amity Foundation.

Ms. Peng Jianmei of the China Charity Federation emphasized that the principles of cooperation must be based on tolerance, sharing and mutual benefit. She outlined the opportunities for Chinese NGOs to build partnerships with their local counterparts and Chinese enterprises and promote a concept of providing good services, social responsibility and a philosophy of charity that benefits African communities and local residents.

Amity’s Assistant General Secretary She Hongyu gave a speech named 'Common responsibilities, Common development' and talked about Amity’s experience of 30 years development in China. She pointed out the achievements of poverty reduction in China over the last decade and its significant contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals. Furthermore, she outlined the importance of promoting multisectoral consultation and collaboration in social affairs and the development of community organizations. She added that Amity is recently carrying out post-disaster projects and livelihood projects in countries of the Global South. With the development of online-fundraising platforms, more funding can be acquired to support developing countries. Many recipients of Amity’s online fundraising are from Africa.

At the end of her speech, She Hongyu shared the story of Amity’s biogas cooperation program in Madagascar. By reference to the project, she expressed the opinion that cooperation and exchange projects between Africa and China should comprise the following four essentials. It should target Africa, serve the real social needs of the local people by involving them. It should be carried out in a transparent, efficient and public way. It should delight the people for caring, sharing and charity. It should respect the local culture, environment and provide realistic improvements and enhancements based on the actual situation.

Finally, She Hongyu gave a sincere invitation for more future cooperation and expressed her hope that it will help to achieve a central pledge of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: 'Leaving no one behind'. The Amity Foundation is looking forward and committed to work for it.

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