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Introduction to Beihai Church, Guangxi

Introduction to Beihai Church, Guangxi

Beihai Church Beihai Church (Beihai Church )
ByCindy Zhang September 20, 2016
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Christianity first entered into Beihai under the jurisdiction of Guangdong through a British missionary in 1886. 

Three churches were built in the urban district and campuses or preaching places were founded in some counties like Hepu, Changle, Nankang, Fucheng and Dangjiang.

Aside from these locations, the local churches initiated charitable, relief, medical and education ministries. Among them were Puren Hospital and Puren Leprosarium, which were the predecessors of the city's people hospital and hospital of dermatology respectively, and Holy Trinity Middle School had a profound influence to the people. 

After the foundation of the P.R.C, the three churches that conducted joint worship in the beginning were eventually merged to a new church.  

During the 1950s and 1960s, the previous church was occupied and even demolished. After the Cultural Revolution, the local Christians reconstructed the current church on another land and its construction was sponsored by the government. 

It has developed for thirty years since the reopening service in December 1984. The congregation has grown into 4000 or 5000 from the original several hundred.

It holds fellowships for the middle aged and the youth, prayer meeting, sacred music training and Bible studies for new converts. Celebrations are conducted on holidays and weddings are held for the believers or their relatives. 

The church has ministries including three choirs, three fellowships for the young, undergraduates and Latin dancers, two praise teams, morning prayer team, Sunday school, a visitation team, Bible study class for seekers and English Bible study, etc. 

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