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The "Violin Church" in Foshan Held First Baptism

The "Violin Church" in Foshan Held First Baptism

the the "Violin Church" Hold its First Baptism(Photo Provided to CCD)
ByYi Yang October 03, 2016
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The construction of Violin Church in Foshan City of Guangdong province was completed in January this year. The church held its first baptism on Sept 25.

Violin Church is located in East Road of Yanbu Town of Foshan city. The church got its name due to its appearance. The violin is 38 meters high with a cross at the top.

Chinese Christian church, Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist have set their sub churches in Yanbu Town since Christianity was introduce there in 1898. To further promote Christian management and harmony, the government approved to set aside an open area of 3916 square meters for the construction of Violin Church.

According to the director of Violin Church, Wang Liqun, the area was filled with rubbish and waste at first. Faced with the running water and cables, fellow workers of the church were stranded.

At present the total cost of the construction is 2.45 million yuan($674 thousand) but only 1.8 million yuan has been paid. The left 400 thousand yuan remains to be paid. The believers of the church are mainly workers and they have tried their best. The church looks forward to pray and dedication from other brothers and sisters.

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