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Rural Church Raises Fund to Build Church Building, Jiangxi

Rural Church Raises Fund to Build Church Building, Jiangxi

Scene of the church under building Scene of the church under building(Photo Provided to CCD)
ByGrace Zhi October 25, 2016
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Zhishan Village is located in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. There are at least 80 Christians here with no Church to worship. They need a secure gathering place.

The said gathering point was launched in 1999 when there were only several Christians gathering in a house of one of the believers.

Brother He, a church staff who became a Christian in 1998, tells CCD that Christians at that time had to take a bus to worship and to hear the sermon or they would have no place to do that.

It was until in early 1999 that a gathering site was launched in a believer’s house, and Brother He, together with the other Christians launched another gathering place in late 1999, which registered in 2000. 

As numbers were getting more and more, the said gathering site cannot hold all of them. All the members started to pray for a church.

In 2013, a piece of land was purchased from a believer to build a church. However, it was stopped because of Feng Shui. In 2015, a new land was re-purchased, which cost them 480,000CNY, collected from donations from the believers, including a 90-year-old senior member who contributed all her savings.

The building of the church formally started from Nov 2015 with a whole budget of 900,000CNY. The church was assisted by Church of Lishui in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.  After one-year of construction, two floors of the church was finally built, among which is the second floor that would be used for worship and the first floor is to do office and reception.

There is still a funding gap of 200,000CNY. And the new church may be opened for use by next year. While waiting for this opening, the congregations would still gather and worship in the old gathering site.

For more information and donation inquiries, contact; Brother He: Tel-13317973591; Brother Xiao- 13763964207

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