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Why Social Caring is Efficient in Evangelism, House Church Pastor

Why Social Caring is Efficient in Evangelism, House Church Pastor

Christian Social Care work Christian Social Care work(ChristianTimes.cn)
ByYetta Yao May 01, 2017
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Teacher Wu, a pastoral worker at a grassroots church in Yantai, Shandong Province addressed whether it is right for Christians to care only for salvation and ignore others.  Salvation is important, but there is a problem when Christians neglect the physical needs of others and only preach eternal life.

  • The most important thing is salvation.

"Christ became flesh so that we may have eternal life," Wu said on the WeChat account of the church.  To truly love the people of the world, one must love their souls, and without that love, it is difficult for people to accomplish good deeds.

Wu said that the true Christian faith doesn't drive people away from the world.  It gives people more power and wisdom while in the world.  For this reason, the church should neither be isolated nor strung along by the world.  The world can be affected by the church, but it should not be the other way around.

  • No matter what you do, the ultimate goal is salvation.

Wu pointed out that Christians should care for others to the best of their abilities, but no matter what happens, big or small, the ultimate purpose is for man to make peace with God.  In the end, nothing else will pass on from this world.

Wu said that people with a better life are more afraid of death.  Those who have more will receive a harsher judgment from God if they don't give more.  Therefore, Wu suggested that Christians pray that God lead the people they are helping to repentance.  This is the second job God gave Christians to help people make peace with others.

  • Talking only about salvation through belief in Jesus Christ can be a problem.

Wu pointed out that talking only about Jesus and salvation can be a problem because it means that we are refusing food and drink to people who are hungry and thirsty.  Not only does this keep people from embracing God, it means that Christians aren't sympathizing with people's weaknesses the way Christ did.

Christians need the leading of the Holy Spirit in balancing the needs of the body with the needs of the soul.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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