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Christians Pray for Sichuan and Xinjiang After Quake

Christians Pray for Sichuan and Xinjiang After Quake

Rescuers during Earthquake Rescuers during Earthquake(Pixabay)
ByRuth Wang August 17, 2017
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A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou, a remote area in southwest China's province of Sichuan, while a 6.6 magnitude quake jolted the northwestern part of Xinjiang.

Chinese Christians called for prayer for the affected areas on social media including WeChat official accounts.

The quake hit Jiuzhaigou County, known for its famous UNESCO nature reserve, late on Tuesday at a depth of 20 km (12.4 miles), the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) said. It has caused 20 deaths and around 175 injuries. The quake was also felt in provinces like Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, and Shaanxi. Relief work is currently underway.

Just a few hours later, a quake struck Jinghe County of Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, at a depth of 11 km (6.8 miles). The epicenter was 37 km away from the county. The shaking was felt in Xinjiang's other cities as well. There were no villages within 5 km of the epicenter and no towns within 20 km.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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