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Pentecost: What is the Holy Spirit?

Pentecost: What is the Holy Spirit?

Descent of the Holy Spirit Descent of the Holy Spirit(El Greco)
ByCCD contributor: Rev. Zhou Hongwei May 23, 2018
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The Holy Spirit plays an important role in the entire Bible. Pneumatology is one of the foremost Christian doctrines. Only through the work of the Holy Spirit can one accept Jesus and receive salvation.

This year Pentecost, which refers to the fiftieth day after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, falls on May 20. With the descent of the Spirit upon the disciples, they received the power to be the witnesses of the Lord's resurrection, lead people to repent and follow Jesus, found churches and preach the gospel. Without the work of the Spirit, the effect of ministries and evangelism is zero.

In church history, there were two extreme views of the Spirit: the first type of church overlooked the Spirit so completely that it saw no growth and had a dull church life; the other kind of church held the Spirit too high, which resulted in too fast development and a chaotic church life.

In this last era, Christians need to carefully regard the work of the Spirit and know him.

The Holy Spirit is God,  the third Person of the Trinity. He has his own person, equal in power, glory, worship as the Father and the Son.

The name of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit is also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Father, the Spirit of the Lord, and the Spirit of Jesus. He is the Spirit of truth, holiness, life, wisdom, power, and grace, glory, and revelation. and produce the fruit of the Spirit.

The work of the Holy Spirit

Relevant to every believer, the Holy Spirit is named the Comforter who is with all the Christians and guides them to grow in Christ.

He does various kinds of work among believers: making people repent and receive grace, leading people to be saved and reborn, giving Christians comfort, dividing gifts, letting believers be sanctified, and helping Christians produce the fruit of the Spirit.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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