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Moving Story behind Virtual Church Choir

Moving Story behind Virtual Church Choir

The video hymn The video hymn "Because He Lives" performed by choirs of Guangzhou Shifu Church (Guangzhou Shifu Church )
ByZoe Zhang May 20, 2020
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Recently the Guangzhou Shifu Church shared the moving story behind its “iCloud” choir. 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives, the church choir has become more zealous during this difficult time. 

When the idea of recording hymns was first put forward, the members were not completely sure how this would work.

The plan presented a new challenge as every member needed to record their own voice, the vocal instructor needed to make adjustments and the director’s and pianist’s parts and singing needed to be coordinated. 

A good recording usually required about ten to twenty attempts. During the recording problems of intonation and differences in the speed which songs were sung emerged. 

A temporary technical team was established to produce a video of the choir, which was launched in the evening before March 8. 

In the following weeks, the choir and team successfully produced three videos in March.

Beginning in April, the church’s other choirs also joined the virtual recording. 

The virtual “Because He Lives” musical was performed by all the church’s choirs and overseas Christians on this Easter Sunday. 

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