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Jilin CC&TSPM Vists 100 Meeting Points

Jilin CC&TSPM Vists 100 Meeting Points

Jilin Gongzhuling City CC&TSPM visited local churches and gathering sites for investigation and guidance in May 2020. Jilin Gongzhuling City CC&TSPM visited local churches and gathering sites for investigation and guidance in May 2020.(Jilin CC&TSPM)
ByHu Yuming June 08, 2020
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Since the suspension of onsite gatherings, the Gongzhuling City CC&TSPM of Jilin Province has donated more than 400,000 yuan in funds and materials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May, officials of the United Front Work Department of Gongzhuling Municipal Committee and co-workers from the Gongzhuling City CC&TSPM formed a steering group, according to Jilin CC&TSPM. In one month, they visited 100 Christian sites in the urban and rural areas of the city and listened to the problems and difficulties faced by grassroots groups due to the suspension of public gatherings.

During the visit, each site was required to continue to implement the suspension of onsite gatherings and religious activities. Although meetings were suspended, there are other activities that should continue to be implemented, including: into the branch, into the community, into the network, and into class.

In response to the problems of church shepherding caused by the suspension of activities at the church, the teaching staff at the church sites were required to strengthen their communication and connection with the believers, and help solve faith problems in a timely manner. According to the notices and posters issued by the Jilin CC&TSPM that advocate boycotting the Korean-based Shincheonji cult, churches should not only speak out strongly against this cult but also be vigilant against other heresies and educate believers to distinguish between heresy and truth so they are not pulled away from the church.

During the visit, the leaders found that because gatherings have been suspended for a long time, there were some hidden safety hazards and problems with fire fighting equipment in some sites. Some of the problems were insufficient pressure, fire extinguishers had expired and there were other issues. The churches were asked to replace them according to the regulations of the fire department. The co-workers of the Gongzhuling CC&TSPM said that they should ensure fire safety in preparation for again meeting in churches.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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