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Jilin Offers Allowance for Poor Pastors amist COVID-19 Crisis

Jilin Offers Allowance for Poor Pastors amist COVID-19 Crisis

A love heart drawn on the sand. A love heart drawn on the sand.
ByMark Cui June 24, 2020
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On June 22, the Jilin CC&TSPM provided a living allowance of 5,000 yuan each to 18 grass-roots pastoral staff who were in financial difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to its official website. 

The umbrella organization for the registered churches in Jilin had set up a special fund for poor pastoral staff and every year contributed to this fund. Through the recommendation of local churches and the review of the provincial CC&TSPM, the allowance is given out before the Spring Festival. Over the years, the fund helped stabilize the financial situation of some poor pastoral staff.

Ren Dazhong, president and chairman of the Jilin CC&TSPM, said that the pastoral staff who received this help have all served as evangelists in grass-roots churches for a long time. Some also suffered from COVID-19.

The Jilin CC&TSPM also sent a letter of condolence to the pastoral staff and believers in the province. The letter stated that during the pandemic,  the pastoral staff in the province had guided believers to actively participate in the control and prevention of the pandemic, provided pastoral care to their congregations, and helped believers resist the South Korean Shincheonji cult.

Although the pandemic has subsided, everyone needs to continue to be vigilant and not relax in preventing its return. While strengthening pastoral care for believers through online means, all locations should continue to actively implement prevention and control measures and make preparations for an orderly resumption of church activities.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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