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Students Helped by Church Express Their Gratitude

Students Helped by Church Express Their Gratitude

A painting was made by a student who received the funding from A painting was made by a student who received the funding from "Manna Assistantship".(Provided by Jilin CC&TSPM)
ByNicole July 24, 2020
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From 2019 to 2020 academic year, a total of 19 poverty-stricken students in Jilin Province got financial support, enabling them to stay in the classroom to continue their studies.

"Manna Assistantship" is a project by a foundation established by the CCC&TSPM for students who have economic difficulty completing school due to severe domestic calamities, according to Jilin CC&TSPM.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were closed for months. However, with the joint efforts of the school and students, and through using various methods, the learning tasks of this semester have been successfully completed.

At the end of this semester, students who received funding from "Manna Assistantship" expressed their gratitude through sharing their painting, handwork, paper-cutting, etc.

Among the students' works, there were galloping horses, sailing ships, Santa Claus and Christmas trees under the stars, and the Lord Jesus hugging a lonely lamb.

The implementation of the "Manna Assistantship" project has also received strong support from schools and government departments where poor students are located. After hearing about the project, the Dongsanjiazi Mongolian Autonomous Township Government in Qianguodong County, Songyuan City also contacted the TSPM & CCC of Jilin Province to introduce the situation of poor students there, hoping that some students there could also be helped.

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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