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Shanghai Life Church Details Family Affairs during Pandemic

Shanghai Life Church Details Family Affairs during Pandemic

Life Church in Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai Life Church in Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai(Shanghai Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious Affairs)
ByZoe Zhang July 28, 2020
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Looking back at the past six months, Life Church in Jiading District, Shanghai has undergone changes almost every month.

Situated in Jiangqiao Town, the church held regular gatherings in January and suspended in-person meetings in February due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It sent condolences to those who suffered from the virus in March and repaired the church in April and May. They prepared for the resumption of in-person gatherings in June and resumed in-person gatherings on July 19.

The course of the church in the past few months was recorded in the form of a timeline and photos.

The church expressed: "If it was not for the grace of God, we would not be able to pass through the small and large valleys safely. Because of Him, even if we are weak, stumble, are fearful, sad, or sorrowful, we all are recipients of His unexpected peace. We soar on wings like eagles, from strength to strength, and from grace to grace. We can only commit ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, seek Him, rely on Him, and look to Him. We do it for Him, we live for Him, and we wish to guard our hearts and walk with Him in the time to come."

Rededicated in 2015, the church has a construction area of 3,000 square meters (0.74 miles) and an area of 1,500 square meters (0.37 miles).

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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