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Some Churches in Jilin Reopen on Sunday after Lockdown

Some Churches in Jilin Reopen on Sunday after Lockdown

Beihai Church in Huangnihe Town, Dunhua, Jilin resumed a Sunday service on July 26 after months of lockdown due to COVID-19. Beihai Church in Huangnihe Town, Dunhua, Jilin resumed a Sunday service on July 26 after months of lockdown due to COVID-19.(Jilin CC&TSPM)
BySun Dan July 28, 2020
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Each city’s CC&TSPM office in Jilin Province received a notice on Normalizing Epidemic Prevention and Control and Orderly Resumption of Activities, issued by the Jilin Provincial CC&TSPM for the resumption of meetings.

The Beijing Road Church in Chuanying District, Jilin City applied for permission to scan the authorized health QR codes from the community with which it is affiliated, and WeChat is to be used to publicize information to believers. This includes information on the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, the correct method to wear masks, when meetings were resumed, the number of attendees, and the requirements for attending the meeting.

The Baicheng city CC&TSPM, in cooperation with each of its churches and meeting points, arranged what needed to be done for resuming worship services. The staff of such churches as Ruiguang North Church in Taobei District, Liao Road Church in Taobei District, Si Jingzi meeting point in Tongyu County, Daan Changhong Church, Anlin Road Church of Daan, and other church sites led the believers in implementing the requirements for controlling the epidemic. The number of worshippers for each meeting is limited and personal protective equipment needs to be properly stored. In addition, the health-status registration of staff needs to follow the "one person, one form" registration system. Relevant information of the three kinds of personnel(the staff who return to work, those who reestablished their business, and the students returning to school) must be checked in advance, and provisions that on-duty personnel can only take up their posts after passing a temperature check.

The Fumin Church in Meihekou City established epidemic prevention and control teams, set limits on the number of people within a meeting, set up emergency areas, responded to suspected cases, and strengthened health monitoring.

The Chengdong Church in Changchun Economic and Development Zone was reopened on July 26. A registration card was issued to each believer. Every meeting had a fixed number of attendees, and the time and seat number of each person were registered.

Haikou Road Church in Changchun City resumed meeting on July 26. The church was cleaned and disinfected prior to the meeting. At the church entrance, there was information on how and when to enter the church as well as information on virus prevention. A registration desk and disinfection facilities at the entrance helped believers comply with regulations.

Beihai Church in Huangnihe Town officially resumed meeting on July 26, 2020. Masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, mask recycling bins, and other PPE items were provided, and the church was cleaned and disinfected.

(The author is from Jilin CC&TSPM.)

- Translated by Zoe Hong

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