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Dalian Churches Keep Prayer Vigil for Eight Months

Dalian Churches Keep Prayer Vigil for Eight Months

Quanshui Church in Dalian, China's northeastern Liaoning Province Quanshui Church in Dalian, China's northeastern Liaoning Province
ByCCD contributor: Wu Zhongyi September 14, 2020
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Three churches in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province have held a 24/7 prayer vigil since the coronavirus outbreak in late January.

Quanshui Church, Fengshou Lu Church, and Jinzhou Church have united together in a prayer and watch campaign called “Holiness and Truth. 

The vision of the campaign aims to hold up the temple of God through praying continuously for a whole year. 

The campaign started in late January when COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan. 

Pastors in charge of each of the churches determine the daily prayer theme, then the cultural and communication department write the content. 

Every post includes texts and images as well as English translations.

The participants pray for their country, local cities, churches, pastors, co-workers, and congregations. The prayer content includes church ministries, the health of members, groups and fellowships.

Prayer chains have formed from ordained pastors to pastors and teachers to leaders of fellowships, groups, and areas to individual believers. 

The believers volunteer for a time period and then schedules are arranged accordingly. 

Church co-workers said on August 30 that each young staff or fellowship head is responsible for one or two hours in the daytime, while the watch and prayer task is handed over to middle-aged and elderly workers after ten at night. They share the task in shifts

Particularly at midnight, at least two senior workers watch for around one hour, then another two take their place.

To not interrupt their families late at night, elderly co-workers set their phone alarms to vibrate. They get up quietly and pray silently or softly in a quiet spot. 

After being on duty for several nights, some old sisters who usually sleep little could not fall  asleep anymore. Their churches sympathized with them and said that they could rest some days before working again.

An elderly sister said, “We can do nothing as we are old and in poor health. Although 24 hours of watching and praying is not a thing of just one or two days, we need to contribute our best to it. This is an opportunity given by God. We’re honored. Thank God!”

They said that around 2,000 people participated in the campaign, which meant almost every church member was involved

- Translated by Karen Luo



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