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Grandma's Testimony: My Daughter-in-law Has a Child after Two Miscarriages

Grandma's Testimony: My Daughter-in-law Has a Child after Two Miscarriages

People worship God in a church service. People worship God in a church service.
ByCCD contributor: Mu Feng November 11, 2020
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Since children are a heritage from the Lord, every family expects to have children around who can inherit the estate and pass on the faith. Nowadays, we face various crises, such as food safety, pollution, climate change, and health problems. For example, some couples suffer from infertility, some try many different fertility drugs but still fail to have a baby, and some need to wait a long time to get pregnant.

We know that technology and medical care cannot replace God’s healing touch, but this does not mean that we should not use technology and medical care. God is in charge of everything, including whatever happens, the difficulties we face, the people we meet, and the places we go -- all these should be entrusted to God with prayer.

I once heard a sister share the testimony of her daughter-in-law becoming pregnant and giving birth. From her experience, we know that God never forsakes His children in times of trouble.

Three or four years ago, when her daughter-in-law found she was pregnant, the whole family was full of joy and expectation, looking forward to her having a child.

But she miscarried after being pregnant for only about 30-40 days. At first, they thought she lost the child because of the bumpy road they traveled to the farmland to deliver food. The family experienced the pain of her loss, but the sister didn't give up. She asked the believers to pray for her family and to wait for God.

Later, her daughter-in-law became pregnant for the second time. The family was again filled with joy. But this didn't last long because again she miscarried after about 30-40 days after pregnancy.

She still believed in God, though she was suffering beyond words. Once again she asked the believers to pray for her daughter-in-law.

After two miscarriages, she took her son and daughter-in-law to the hospital for tests. The examination results were unexpected as her daughter-in-law had certain antibodies which repelled the pregnant fetus and caused the fetus to miscarry in the early stages of pregnancy. The hospital at that time did not have the technology to treat these patients, so the sister began to pray to God again. She asked the believers to intercede for her daughter-in-law, begging God to provide a good hospital and capable doctors for her daughter-in-law.

After a short while, they heard that a hospital in central Henan could treat this disease, so they prayed for God’s leading in treating her physical problem.

As a result, her daughter-in-law was completely cured, and she gave the glory to God. During the whole process, she did not blame God, but praised God and prayed hard with gratitude.

She said that after her daughter-in-law was healed, she became pregnant. Although there was no risk of miscarriage this time, they faced a new problem. The blood tests showed that the fetus had a high risk of having Down's syndrome. So the doctors said if the amniotic fluid was taken and tested, they could determine whether it was Down's syndrome or not.

But her daughter-in-law was pregnant for only a short time and had little amniotic fluid. So if the doctors were to draw fluid, the fetus would be in danger. Therefore, the sister did not make a decision immediately, but she asked others to pray with her, asking God to open the way.

In the end, the tests showed that the child was healthy, so her family was grateful to God. And the whole pregnancy went well.

The aunt said that her daughter-in-law gave birth to a full-term baby girl at last. With tears, she kept saying: "Thank the Lord, thank the Lord".

After these experiences, the sister began to walk with God and learnt to rely on Him. She understood that Christian live a life at a price, and the road she walks is narrow.

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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