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Guangxi Church Holds Second Sunday of Advent Worship

Guangxi Church Holds Second Sunday of Advent Worship

The unrestrained dance The unrestrained dance "The Passionate Bridegroom" was shown in the Beihai Church, Guangxi Province on December 13, 2020. (Beihai Church)
ByBeihai Church December 15, 2020
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Following last week’s celebration, the Beihai Church in Guangxi Province hosted a worship service on the second Sunday in December.

After the choir entered into the hall under a prelude entitled O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Brother Liang led the congregation in reading Luke2: 1-7.

Later, Senior Pastor Zhang Yezhong shared a brief sermon entitled, "There is No Place in the Inn". Looking up at the true God, the congregation should make room for the Lord to live in.

The celebration began with a Cantonese hymn, "The Savior Is Born" sung by the choir in a Beihai accent. After the hymn, more than twenty couples stepped onto the red carpet arm in arm and performed a group dance. The "Covenant" dance portrayed one man and one woman, one husband and one wife, one life, one master and one faith. After this dance, brothers from the church's David Choir sang the hymn "King of Kings." Afterward, the unrestrained dance "The Passionate Bridegroom" reminded us of the scene when the Shulamite met her lover in the Song of Songs.

The brothers in the Isaac choir performed a humorous program to show "Ten Commandments" and a Sanjuban(“three and a half sentences”, a type of Chinese free talk) to encourage the believers to be vigilant and prepare for the second coming of the Lord. This was followed by a graceful dance, a harmony chorus, and a program of "Daily Bible Reading" from the vocal training class.

Finally, the two Chinese Christmas poems "Little Mountain Town" and "The Coming of Jesus as King" by the joint choir brought the worship to a climax.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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