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Two Female Students Funded by Jilin Church

Two Female Students Funded by Jilin Church

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ByMark Cui October 06, 2021
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Two girls finished their studies thanks to the financial support from a church in China’s northeastern Jilin Province, which had carried out a poverty alleviation ministry for five years.


In early September, Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, conducted return calls to them during the third quarter of the poverty alleviation activity this year, according to Dongfeng Church.


A girl said sincerely, "Thank you for your three years of support, and I don’t know how to repay your help!"

Deacon Chen said kindly, "We don't need anything in return. You just work hard in the future and rely on God who always helps you!"


She is an introverted but very sensible girl whose mother has been suffering from mental illness for many years. Her father has only one hand, so the whole family depended on an uncle who lives in the west courtyard. Though she was admitted to a good university, due to the high tuition fees, she had to choose another school with lower fees.


In college, her life was incredibly difficult with only 100 yuan to spend each month. Even so, she almost dropped out of school because her uncle suffered an accident and was unable to support her.


When staff from the Social Service Department of Nanzhan Church learned her difficulties during a visit and research, they decided to help her. During the three years of studying, they subsidized her with four thousand yuan every year to ease the burden on her family.


In order to express her gratitude to the church, she brought chickens that the family had raised themselves and some of their home-grown fruits. Pastor Liu from the church gave her some money wrapped in a red envelope, sending out encouragement and blessings.


She happily told them that she often learned about the word of God in a college’s fellowship, as she was moved by their acts and converted to Christ.


Now, after completing her studies, she works in a hospital in Changchun.


Another girl had the same unfortunate experience.


When she was about 8 years old, her grandfather committed suicide, so did her father soon later.  Her mother disappeared, so her elderly great-grandfather took her in.


Years later, her great-grandfather suffered from physical problems and was sent to a nursing home by the village authorities. She lived alone for a period of time, but she could not deal with housework and trivial matters of life by herself. After facing many difficulties, her father’s elder brother took her home to live together.


Later, she was enrolled in a medical school with enough funds from the church for 2 years.


In a return call just a few days ago, she told Deacon Chen happily, "Uncle, I’m working in a health center. Thank you for so many years of help, which gave me the confidence to move forward! Even my family members have not given me so much money, so I really thank you very much!" Her sincere words moved the staff workers, who were delighted to hear that she went to work so quickly.


Therefore, they decided to visit her, and she was so happy that she showed them to her clean and tidy office. While preparing to leave, she shook hands with every staff and said sincerely: "Thank you for helping me during my most difficult time."


When parting, the church staff left their telephone numbers, telling her: "If you encounter any difficulties in your future life, please call us. We will do our best to help you!"


-Translated by Abigail Wu

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