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3-Day Music Evangelistic Rally Converts 41 Persons in Liaoning Church

3-Day Music Evangelistic Rally Converts 41 Persons in Liaoning Church

The praise team presented the hymn The praise team presented the hymn "Stream of Praise" during a musical evangelistic rally conducted in Xingsheng Church, Anshan, Liaoning, on October 3-5, 2022.
ByWu Zhongyi October 13, 2022
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A church in China's northeastern Liaoning Province held a three-day musical evangelistic meeting with 41 people turning to Christ during the National Day.

From October 3 to 5, Xingsheng Church in Tiexi District, Anshan City, held praise meetings for three consecutive days. There was also a fasting prayer meeting and a training course for the catechumens on October 4.

Churchgoers entered the main building following the COVID-19 protocols. On October 3, themed "Jesus is the Way", the meeting comprised of praise, sermon, calling, re-praise, and prayer, with believers worshipping together.

After hymns such as "Jesus is the Light of My Life", Rev. Jiang Mao called for newcomers at the altar, with nine seekers making a prayer of repentance. They would attend the class for catechumens in the following days.

In the next day's evangelistic meeting themed "Jesus is the Truth", 11 more people walked up to the altar to offer a prayer for confession. An old male believer on crutches told that he arrived at Xingsheng Church in Tiexi District by crossing the Lishan and Tiedong Districts of Anshan.

During the third day’s meeting, Pastor Zhu Kaisheng preached a sermon titled "Jesus is Life", citing John 14. In his sharing, he said that Jesus would give people rest, comfort, and peace to free them from worry, depression, and fatigue.

After a short sermon, another 21 seekers replied to the calling, accompanied by the hymn "Jesus Loves You".

A total of 41 attendees followed Jesus after three nights of evangelistic meetings.

- Translated by Livingstones

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