Chinese Christian Band "Rainbow" Is To Start The First Concert Tour

By Hengan Chu, August 12, 2015 10:08 AM

Christian Brand Rainbow

The Christian band, named Rainbow, is about to start the first concert tour since its establishment. On the coming Sep.13, the artist band will start in Beijing as the first stop to hold concert in the Wukesong Huiyuan space. At present, the band has entered the tension in the rehearsal. 

This concert tour of the brand is sponsored by British albums and LeXiu Interactive Media. On the concert which is about to be held in Beijing, all the classical music will be swept by the Brand Rainbow, including some well-known classical music.

As a Christian band, the name of "rainbow" derived from the Bible: after the flood, God made the rainbow to commemorate his covenant with the whole earth. In November 2012, the band "rainbow" in China-Dream-Show sang a song called "share your dream" by coryphaeus A-Bing. Since then, the brand began to walk into the sight of people and gradually get attention and many likes.

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