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Christian Singer Jay Chou Shows up Daughter's Picture to Celebrate His First Father's Day

Christian Singer Jay Chou Shows up Daughter's Picture to Celebrate His First Father's Day

Jay chou with his daughter Jay chou with his daughter
ByJingqian Xu August 12, 2015
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For the first time,  Chinese Christian Singer Jay Chou shared his daughter's picture on his facebook in Taiwan, to celebrate his first Father's Day.

In 2014, Jay Chou and Kun Ling who is also a Christian registered in marriage, and they held the wedding ceremony in the church in England on the 17th of January, 2015. Kun Ling labored a girl this July and Jay Chou became a father.

In the picture, Jay Chou, wearing a T-shirt that was written dad is always my love, was embracing her daughter. Her daughter, wearing a Mickey, lied in his arms. The whole picture flowed out father's love.Jay Chou not only takes care of her daughter, but also love her wife.

According to the ET today news, Jay Chou was taking Kun Ling and their daughter to Tokyo for holiday before Kun's birthday's , which is coming in days. Jay Chou bought an interesting gift for Kun Ling during their shopping, which makes Kun Ling gratitude very much. "Guess what I bought for you." Jay Chou said to his wife mystically. It's peanut chicken. Kun Ling shared this peanut chicken picture on her blog and simply described this interesting thing. Some net-friends got responses and commented that Kun Ling would take care of two little princesses (Jay Chou and her daughter), you are working so hard.

There are a lot of changes in the life after Kun Ling labored. She mentioned a new mother's daily stories when she was interviewed by ELLE. She was also sharing that although laboring is very hard, she think it is very worthy for her new born baby. She is willing to do anything for this baby.

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