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Famous Christian Celebrity Returns to Drama Stage for Family Love

Famous Christian Celebrity Returns to Drama Stage for Family Love

Jiang Shan Jiang Shan
ByRuth Wang January 14, 2016
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As the Spring Festival approaches, the drama Staying-up starring the leading Christian actress Jiang Shan will be performed in Wuhan as a "Spring Festival Eve dinner " on January 19.

Jiang Shan, famous for her TV play "Satisfying A Craving", shares the reason she chooses this drama to go back, after 18 years leaving stage, is that family love in the drama moved her.

The drama Staying-up tells about an emotional story among a grandmother, mother and daughter triggered by the Spring Festival Eve dinner in a family with no man. Jiang plays the role "grandmother" who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, wanting to spread the warmth and love in the family.

Jiang has deeper understanding of family love and love with increasing life experience, for she has had acted in many marriage-themed plays. Now Jiang livess with her daughter who studies in the U.S. She introduces that she has recorded an album with her daughter, in which most are hymns, to record daughter's growing journey and to praise God.

Jiang Shan met a missionary couple in 1998, and began to know Christian faith. According to her own narrative, Jiang had a long-time desire of Christ. As once a young actress in the first batch of China's Children's Choir and the first chief, she came into contact with sacred music at an early age, also has sang man hymns such as Amazing Grace.

Later she became famed for her own songs and plays, while she felt unsatisfied. Years ago, she invited a Buddhist abbot to stage a rite for her. Knowing this, a Christian in the entertainment circle asked a pastor and his wife to care her. Once she understood Jesus' love on the cross, she accepted it without hesitation. She believes and loves the Lord, serves in the church choir. In 2004, she was baptized.

In 2012 as a guest in the TV program Real Talk by Ifeng.com, when the host asked how she got along with her daughter, she replied, "Let's go back to God" when there was contradiction, which made her daughter know there is the Most High above her. Jiang said, "it can save many efforts if you can really bring children to come before God." 

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