Happy Valentine's Day: Bible Features Love Stories

By Michelle Guanzon, February 12, 2016 01:02 AM


When Valentine's Day is already few days near, people are already prepared or are preparing plans for the much-awaited day with their loved ones; their partner and one true love.

Your love stories may be unique and might consider it as the best love story but, did you know that the Holy Bible contains stories of love in different forms. But, since it is a valentine season, let us talk about romantic couple love.

Abraham and Sarah's love story

Genesis 17-18

Their story of marriage is a wonderful love story. The couple did not bear child but with the blessing of God, Sarah bear a child even though she was almost hundred years old. The couple expressed their love to each other and their children. Sarah supported her husband Abraham in fulfilling his commitment and faith to God. Though, there are instances that they do not have control unto, they remain faithful and they still trust each other. Sarah did her job as a wife and Abraham his job to guide the family he has built.

Jacob and Rachel's love story

Genesis 29

Their love story might be odd but we still can look into this couple. Jacob has asked Rachel's father to marry her and has agreed to work for him for seven years but when it was completed. Laban, the father of Rachel has lied to Jacob and gave Leah, Rachel's older sister instead because of the norms. But, Jacob did not give up instead he worked another seven years just to get Rachel her one true love.

Their love story proves that love may be not easy but if love is true, it will conquer everything.

Ruth and Boaz love story

Ruth 4

Ruth already suffered first heartache when her first husband died. But, love comes the second time around for another guy, Boaz who was attracted to Ruth's loyalty. He married Ruth and they both lived serving each other as husband and wife.

Their love story teaches us that love comes unexpectedly when you thought everything is already at the end.

Mary and Joseph love story

Matthew 1

Jesus' parents are best example of couple trusting and supporting each other. Mary and Joseph is to be married when Mary is pregnant with Jesus which Joseph believed it was unbelievable but he became obedient to God, they entrust God their relationship. He did not intervene with God's plan to his wife, Mary but instead he became very supportive, who is always with her during Mary's pregnancy. He showed love to Mary despite the idea that Mary is already pregnant with a child that not his. He did this for God and to keep Mary away from society's rumors.

Their love story concentrates on how they make God their center for love, trust and loyalty.

Adam and Eve love story

Genesis 2-3

The first couple who made a mistake together, learned their mistake in the hard way together. The couple teaches us to be with our loved one no matter what the situation is. Being with our loved ones in the most significant times of our lives means everything.

There is too much to learn about love. But, the Holy Bible set an example for it. There are some ways to express your love and during this Valentine season, make time to the one who truly loves you: God.

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