“Ultimate Victory” Adapted From Eric Liddell to Release in China

Eric Liddell
1/2Eric Liddell
Eric Liddell
2/2Eric Liddell
By Pauline PetroJune 30th, 2016

“Ultimate Victory,” adapted from the story of Missionary and Olympic champion Eric Liddell, is to release on the first day of June in China.

The said film, shot in China, focus on Eric Liddell’s story as an Olympic champion and Missionary in China. Eric taught in a middle school in Tianjin for nearly 20 years, and treated the anti-Japanese soldiers. He passed away due to a brain tumor without treatment in 1945.

If you've seen the movie Chariots of Fire, you have thrilled at Eric Liddell's stand for principle. It almost cost him his chance at Olympic gold, for the 100 meter was his best race. But he dropped out, rather than run in the qualifying heats on a Sunday. Instead he preached in a Paris church that day.

Nevertheless, Eric captured an unexpected bronze in the 200 meter and worked his way through the qualifying heats for the 400 meter. 

Eric’s life was a race, as Christianity.com commented, “For Eric Liddell, however, this was not the ultimate race. His whole life was a race: a race for the kingdom of heaven. He sailed two years later to China as a missionary and was still running his race for God when he died on February 21, 1945 of a brain tumor and typhoid in a Japanese prison camp.”

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