In Pictures: Descendants of Samuel Pollard with the Miao People

By Ruth Wang, July 29, 2016 15:07 PM

Steve with the Miao

Steve and Blake, the grandson and great-grandson of Samuel Pollard, the well-known English Missionary to the Miao People in WS China’s Guizhou Province, visited the Miao people Samuel Pollard once lived with. 

The father and his son are invited by Shimenkan Foundation, founded by Prof. Chen Haowu, a modern educational scholar. This is their second time to visit the Miao Poeple, last time is the 100th anniversary of Samuel Pollard’s death. 

Steve is the grandson of Samuel Pollard. His father is the youngest son of Samuel Pollard. Stephen is a doctor of the emergency department. He majored in Economy at first, then theology, he studied medical at the age of 37.

Below are some pictures recording the moving moments during the visiting.


Steve and Blake with some Miao people (Photo provided to CCD)
Steve and Blake with some Miao people (Photo By Yangbo)
Shell from seashore of Florida (Photo provided to CCD)
Shell from seashore of Florida (Photo by Yangbo)


Shell from the Florida seashore near Stephen’s hometown. “Samuel Pollard grow up in the area by the sea.”said Steve. “When you miss Samuel, you may look at these shell. No matter how hard your life is, at least you remember that we are praying for you in the US. We are your family members in the US.”

The young Pollards in the traditional Miao's Clothing. 


Steve and Blake in the traditional Miao clothing (Photo provided to CCD)
Steve and Blake in the traditional Miao clothing (Photo by Yangbo)



Blake in the traditional Miao Clothing (Photo provided to CCD)
Blake in the traditional Miao Clothing (Photo by Yangbo)


Steve in the traditional Miao Clothing (Photo Provided to CCD)
Steve in the traditional Miao Clothing (Photo by Yangbo)


Scarlett, one fellow traveler in this tour, recalls in her dairy that the local economy is poor, lack of material. For the rural Christian Community, the pastoral staff is the soul of the community, they are play the rule of soul leader. In Xinchi, a community of Miao, there are so less pastors and elders. Steve is moved by this. He told the community residents that he would be back here to help them, in education, in health, and in faith. Some senior said, “we are so old, but you say you’ll be back here. Can we see you again?””It won’t be far away. Maybe one or two year later.”replied Steve.


The Miao people are listening to Steve's talking (Photo provided to CCD)
The Miao people are listening to Steve's talking (Photo by Yangbo)
Worship with the Miao Church (Photo Provide to CCD)Worship with the Miao Church (Photo by Yangbo)

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