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Jeremy Lin Claims that He Has Taken Big Jump in Prayer Life

Jeremy Lin Claims that He Has Taken Big Jump in Prayer Life

Jeremy Lin with his teammates Jeremy Lin with his teammates(Sina Blog)
ByElsie Hu October 22, 2016
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Jeremy Lin mentions that he has been devoted to praying out loud for 30 minutes every day and as a result, a big jump has taken place in his prayer life in his recent e-mail to his digital prayer team. The point guard of the Brooklyn Nets said that doing this helps his concentration on prayer and he enjoys praying for others more, which lets him pray more naturally and become closer to God through prayer.

Lin also requests the group to pray for the new team's spiritual transformation. The first email sent to his prayer team includes the message that he hopes for prayer for the upcoming season, according to The Christian Post.

"Not only that we would play well and far exceed expectations (which let's just be honest, aren't very high right now lol)", the email says, "but that there would be a revival on our team."He's hoping his teammates come to Christ, their lives to be transformed and that they experience God's power on and off the court this season. Besides, he asks prayers for the team's building friendships, unity and learning how to cooperate with each other on the court.

"With many new players, many young players and a new coaching staff, we need all the prayers we can get", he says, claiming that they are all trying to figure things out.

Aside from the prayer topics, he calls on people to pray for social justice issues, the presidential election, and Ava Lee, a young girl diagnosed with cancer, whom he earlier mentioned on social media.

He thanks everyone for the support and his supporters' praying enthusiasm for him as it contributed to the founding of the prayer team in 2014. He writes that prayer has been a place where he has found peace with God despite everything which has happened that got out of control in some instances. 

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