'Sky Hunter' Review: Chinese Air Force Overshadowed Fan Bingbing

By M. Grace, October 20, 2017 02:10 AM

Sky Hunter(Youtube (Screenshot))

"Sky Hunter" was released with full support from People's Liberation Army Air Force. It is the latest slice of Chinese propaganda in glorifying the country's military.

The movie's plot talks about Chinese air force pilot Hao Chen (played by Li Jiahang), along with other group of Chinese citizens have been captured by rogue soldiers from the country of Mahbu. Hao Chen's elite friend like Ya Li (portrayed by Fan Bingbing) and Wu Di (Li Chen) go to his rescue.

Although the film was heavily marketed as the star of the movie, her role is constantly overshadowed by the Chinese air force.

Everything about the movie seemed to be disguised as a showcase of China's military might above.

However, audiences can take note of the state-of-the-art Chinese jets doing tricks, besides the typical "Top Gun" style dogfight scenes. Pilots were also doing their macho talk about how they are very committed to their country and are willing to die for their country.

The story seemed expected and when the rogue soldiers from the made-up country are villainous, the Chinese military came to the rescue.

 But, Hollywood might worry about the technical aspects of the film as "Sky Hunter" showcased China's improving film-making capabilities.

For Fan Bingbing and Li Chen's fans who are wishing to see a steamy scene between them, will be greatly disappointed. The two only shared a hug.

Nevertheless, the movie's theme showed the greater love affair between the Chinese people and their army.

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