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Singaporean Pastor Lawrence Khong to Perform Magic in China

Singaporean Pastor Lawrence Khong to Perform Magic in China

Pastor Lawrence Khong (middle) performed a magic show. Pastor Lawrence Khong (middle) performed a magic show.
ByRuth Wang November 14, 2017
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The Singaporean magician Rev. Lawrence Khong will lead his team to perform a large magic show named Christmas Magic in China in December 2017.

The show will be in Chongqing on Dec. 1-2, in Xiamen on Dec. 8-9, and in Hangzhou on Dec. 15-16. He will have levitation in the magic performance.

The magic show was given in Shenzhen Fenghua Grand Theatre last December. The show was fit for the whole family and combined elements like light, music, dance, and drama and has been watched by over 1 million people worldwide. Khong and his daughter Priscilla were honored as Magicians of the Year 2010 with the Elite Diamond Merlin Awards, the "Oscar" in magic.

A Christian who saw the last year's show shared that besides its fantasy style, the show was also attractive because the actor Lawrence Khong is a pastor. He used magic, exquisite scenery, music, and dances, with the story of proclaiming the faith. Every performance ended with a profound message. It showed the love and grace of salvation with an art form that struck deep in the hearts of the people. Through Christmas, the "Christmas Magic" spread out the message of faith, hope, and love.

The magician is also the senior pastor of  Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), which has over ten thousand members. Regarding why he entered the entertainment world, he said that he heard God's calling. "The most effective pulpit in the world that focuses on 'seeing and hearing' is in cinemas, television, concert halls, and theatres. Are you willing to get into the world's real pulpit through the media and entertainment world?"

After prayer, he obeyed God and founded Gateway Entertainment. He has performed thousands of shows in the world and thousands watching his shows have converted to Christianity.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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