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Biblical Musical to Debut before Christmas

Biblical Musical to Debut before Christmas

The poster of the biblical musical The poster of the biblical musical "Temptation"
ByRuth Wang December 19, 2017
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An original biblical musical, "Temptation," will make its debut in Beijing on the evenings of Dec. 23 and 24.  It is based on the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis.

The play shows that Adam and his wife Eve worked and took care of the Garden of Eden in the east. The man was free to eat from any tree in the garden but forbidden to eat from the tree placed in the middle of the garden.

The serpent enticed Eve to eat the apple and the woman gave some to her husband who also ate it. Breaking the command, they were banished from Eden.

Deceived by the serpent again, the impenitent couple attempt to eat from the tree of life but are discovered by a patrolling angel and driven out of the Garden.

Wandering in the wilderness, Adam and Eve are cold and hungry. They have to support themselves by hunting animals and farming.

The appearance of the snake breaks the serenity. After a fierce fight with the viper, the couple finally beat it under the guidance of shepherds. They stumble, but follow the Lord's instructions and live a happy and peaceful life.

The drama's production team includes some outstanding artists like the famous composer Domenico Veron and the director Li Xinman. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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