Foreign Films to Enter China this March

By Mei Manuel, March 07, 2018 04:03 AM

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri(Facebook)

After the success of foreign language films in China last month, Chinese theaters and cinemas throughout the country will be enjoying some more of the best foreign language films this month.

One of the most highly anticipated film to enter the Chinese market is Marvel's 'Black Panther', which will be shown in Chinese cinemas starting March 9. According to the report of Maoyan, one of China's top film databases, at least 200,000 voted that they cannot wait to see the movie in the big screen.

Another highly anticipated movie for the Chinese public is 'Pacific Rim: Uprising', the sequel of the 2013 film 'Pacific Rim'. The film will be released on March 23 and will be featuring Chinese actress Jing Tian and other familiar Chinese stars.

The newest Lara Croft movie 'Tomb Raider' is also expected to make waves in the Chinese box office once it begins on March 16. Although the film does not have a huge following in the country, it is expected that it will still make a splash with the participation of Chinese-American film star Daniel Wu.

Aside from the three high budget action films, some of the contenders from the recently concluded Oscars would also be shown in China this month.

First on the list is 'The Shape of Water', which will be shown on March 16. The fantasy movie garnered 13 Oscar nominations and took the coveted Best Picture Award and the Best Director Award for Guillermo del Toro on Sunday.

'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' was also released this month, raking 10 million yuan in China since it was released Friday.

Other Asian movies are also scheduled to be released in China this month. One of them is the Indian film, 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', which was released Friday. The film, starring Salman Khan, gotten 40 million yuan in revenue since its release.

Japanese actress Yui Aragaki's comedy fim 'Mix' is also included in the lineup and will be released on March 9. Chinese polls indicate there is a possibility the movie will be supported by many Chinese moviegoers due to her role in the film.

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