Lost 'Biblical City' Located, Validates Bible's Accuracy

By Mei Manuel, May 11, 2018 04:05 AM

King David(Pixabay)

Some archaeologists are currently claiming that they have found a lost city in Israel which would validate the Bible's account of King David's time as historically accurate.

The site near Jerusalem was discovered when burrowing mole rats brought out on the surface signs of a lost city with historical importance. The archaeologists immediately went to the site and unearth a building which they say belonged to the ancient settlement who lived in Eglon, a city which the Bible said has faught the Israelites as part of the coalition of five Amorite kings. Eglon was also listed as a group belonging to the tribe of Judah.

Scholars are currently disputing as to whether King David was an actual figure and how vast his kingdom was as described by the Bible. However, the director of the archaeological dig, Professor Avraham Faust suggests that the new finding backs the Bible as historically accurate.

In his statement with Israel Breaking News, Faust said, "We, of course, did not find any artefacts that said 'King David' or 'King Solomon' but we discovered at the site signs of a social transformation the region underwent.'

'This seems to indicate that the inspiration or cause for the transformations are to be sought in the highland. The association with David is not based on any archaeological evidence but on circumstantial grounds only. Since the source of the change seems to be in the highlands, and since it took place at the time when David was supposed to have existed, the link is plausible,' he added.

'Moreover, the changes are consistent with larger regional changes, all connected with the highlands, and all taking place at a time the Kingdom of David was supposed to have to spread into this region.'

'The association with the highland kingdom, as well as the time of the change, are the main discovery, and if someone thinks that there was no King David, that person should come with a different name for the highland king in whose time the region was incorporated into the highland kingdom.'

However, Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of Israel's top archaeologist, said that verifying the accuracy of the Bible through archaeology is difficult.

'Archaeology does not begin with a belief and the Bible and then a search for proof,' Dr Mazar told Israel Breaking News. 'We first find evidence and then try to understand the truth behind the evidence.'

In most cases, Dr. Mazar noted, evidence of Biblical events is lacking in substance or proof.

'Even with what is written about David, one of the more prominent figures in the Bible, there are very few events that would leave evidence we could find archaeological proof of today.

'We can use the Bible as a source to guide our search, but we cannot use the Bible as proof,' she said. 'But conclusions are drawn after a very long and thorough process of proof. After proving the connection using archaeological methods, the Biblical connection can now be brought.'



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