Survey: Young Chinese Readers Increasing

By Mei Manuel, May 11, 2018 03:05 AM


A recent survey on the national reading habits of young Chinese conducted in China reveals that young Chinese citizens under 18 years old read up to an average of nine books last year.

According to the China Academy of Press and Publication, at least 85% of young people read at least one book last year and the number has been increasing every year. The survey revealed that children ages 14 to 17 could reach up to an average of 11.5 books a year.

Audio books are also becoming popular for the youth with 30% of 14 to 17 year olds listening to one audio book a year as compared to the 20% of those under 18 overall.

It is also discovered by the survey that most Chinese parents inspire their children to develop a reading habit and help them hone it. According to the results, more than 70% of Chinese parents with young children ages 0 to 8 spend 20 minutes a day with their children reading and they also visit bookstores with them at least three times a year.

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