Jerry Yan to Guest on 'Let Go of My Baby 3'

By M. Grace, May 15, 2018 19:05 PM

Jerry Yan returns to the small screen in ‘Let Go of My Baby 3’(Weibo / Let Go of My Baby)

After months of keeping low profile, Taiwanese singer and actor Jerry Yan is reported to be returning to the small screen soon as a special guest on the Chinese variety show "Let Go of My Baby" season 3.

In a behind-the-scenes released by the show's official Weibo account on May 13, the 41-year-old actor-singer can be seen taking care of a baby while having a meal.

This is the first time that Jerry Yan is seen on public after his rumored dating episode with Taiwanese actress Lin Chi Ling. Fans can recall that Jerry stayed out of the spotlight since his alleged reunion with former girlfriend last November.

Fans are excited to hear the news and expressed their eagerness to watch the upcoming episode of the variety show where Jerry Yan will be starring.

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