China Blocks Australian Broadcasting Corporation

By M. Grace, September 04, 2018 04:09 AM

China has blocked access to the website of Australia's national broadcaster.(pixabay)

China blocked access to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) sites. ABC said users from China were blocked from visiting the site and its apps since two weeks ago.

In response, Chinese regulators told ABC that the site had broken China's law but did not specify any violations.

China is known to operate on a strict internet censorship and often blocks access to foreign sites if they publish contents it does not want its people to see. Both BBC News and the New York Times websites are currently unavailable in China.

"The ABC's website and apps are usually accessible to Chinese web users and are not subject to the 'Great Firewall' of censorship, but access was abruptly stopped on August 22," journalists Bill Birtles and Matthew Carney wrote.

The broadcaster said that China did not confirm the exact reason for the ban.

An official at the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission told the journalists that China's internet is fully open and that they welcome internet enterprises from around the globe to provide good information to the people of China.

"However, state cyber sovereignty rights shall be maintained towards some overseas websites violating China's laws and regulations, spreading rumors, pornographic information, gambling, violent terrorism and some other illegal harmful information which will endanger state security and damage national pride," the official added.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the ban for the site was an issue for China as the country make decisions about what happens in there. He added that he will also make decisions on what happens in his country.

It can be recalled that ABC launched a Chinese-language version of its news site last year. 

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