Netflix To Release Chinese Historical Drama 'The Rise of Phoenixes' Worldwide

By M. Grace, September 04, 2018 04:09 AM

Chinese TV series ‘The Rise of Phoenixes’ Takes (netflix)

Netflix will release the latest Chinese television series "The Rise of Phoenixes" in more than a dozen languages around the world on September 14.

Netflix has high hopes for the new Chinese period drama thanks to the success of the 2018 historical drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" which was streamed worldwide by iQiyi.

The TV series is based on the novel "Huang Quan" by Tianxia Guiyan. It stars Chen Kun as Ning Yi, the ambitious and shrewd sixth prince of Tiansheng Kingdom. Nini will play the role of Feng Zhiwei, the undervalued daughter of Qiu family but in reality the last princess of the fallen Cheng dynasty who hides her beauty by dressing a man.

"The Rise of Phoenixes tells a story focused on desire, lust, power, and love between people from different kingdoms of old China, including some of those determined individuals who want to claim the position of "The Great Phoenix."

The TV series marks the TV debut of Ni who is mostly known for her major films and Chen, after of decade pursuing a film career.

The series includes directors Shen Yan and Liu Haibo, who both worked on the 2016 comedy-drama television series, Chinese Style Relationship, and William Chang was known for his work as artistic director and costume designer on the Wong Kar-wai films The GrandmasterIn the Mood for Love and Ashes of Time."The Rise of Phoenixes" is a 70-episode series, which has been co-produced by Netflix along with Croton Media (China Syndication), K. Pictures, Hao Mai Culture, iQiyi, COL Group and New Film Association, China Film Insider reported. 

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