Christian Singer Blows Simon Cowell Away on America's Got Talent

By Mei Manuel, September 07, 2018 00:09 AM

Michael Ketterer(Youtube/Screenshot)

On Tuesday, former United Pursuit member-turned-worship pastor Michael Ketterer blows the America's Got Talents judges away, and moves them to tears, after singing a soulful rendition of James Bay's "Us".

Ketterer is a father to six, five being adopted from foster care. His rendition of the song brought tough judge Simon Cowell to tears. Cowell even choked up his comment when he told the singer how inspiring his life has been to the audience and to his fellow judges.

Cowell, a proud father of a 4 year old son, said to the singer "Michael, as a dad I can't imagine what you've done. And the fact that you're on this show and you really need this - I don't know, you're a really special guy. I don't know, there's something about you."

His fellow judges had agreed with Cowell's statement.

Last Wednesday, Ketterer's full story was released by White Chair Film productions and it was entitled "I am Second". In the film, Ketterer and his wife spoke about their experience as adoptive parents. Ketterer shared that when he was a child, he did not have any fatherly presence to help him and adopting his five sons shown him the "transcendent, healing power of a father's love."

Before singing to the judges, Ketterer shared his family's story and their importance to his performance.

"My family is the reason I'm here. One of the things that happens, especially because my children came out of foster care, when you're surviving, you can't dream. And that has been one of the most rewarding things - providing them with a home and a safe environment where they are free to dream."

"I'm here because I want to show them that if their dad can live out their dreams then nothing is impossible for them," he added.

According to Influence Church, where Ketterer is a member of, he and three other artists make up the Christian group Influence Music, a record label and artist collective. They have released their debut album in May entitled "Touching Heaven."

See Ketterer's performance in this video clip:


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