Fans Concern About Fan Bingbing's Disappearance

By M. Grace, September 12, 2018 14:09 PM

Fan Bingbing at the Southeast Asia Premiere for X-Men: Days of Future Past(Wikimedia Commons)

Chinese social media users are now asking the whereabouts of one of the country's biggest movie stars.

Fan Bingbing is one of the world's highest paid actors but according to reports, she has not been seen in public since July 2018 after she visited a children's hospital.

Netizens also noted how it is unusual for the popular actress to not update or like anything using her Sina Weibo account since July 23.

It can be recalled that in May, famous TV host Cui Yongyuan accused Fan Bingbing of tax evasion. Her studio denied the wrongdoing but it has not commented about the whereabouts of Fan Bingbing.

Some fans speculated that the actress became silent due to the allegations surrounding her in relation to the tax evasion probe.

Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing ranked last in a report judging A-list celebrities on how "socially responsible" they are.

The 2017-2018 China Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report ranked Chinese celebrities according to three criteria: charitable actions, personal integrity, and professional work. The report rated 0% for Fan Bingbing.

Fans cannot understand why the report gave her zero percent.

"Fan Bingbing has been working on a public welfare project," one user said. Another added that for her to get zero was "not right; she does a lot of public welfare."

"When the Tianjin fire broke out, Fan Bingbing donated one million yuan ($145,655; £112,565) to the Tianjin Fire Brigade. Has all the good she's done before just been erased?" one asked.

There is no word regarding Fan Bingbing's rating on the latest ranking yet; as well as what happened to her. Some fans speculated that she might have been arrested.

"We wanted to have a more thorough evaluation of celebrities," Zhang Hongzhong, who led the project, told English-language news website Sixth Tone.

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