Wolf Warrior 2 to be Rerun in Chinese Cinema

By Mei Manuel, September 17, 2018 05:09 AM

Wolf Warriors 2 Promotional Photo(Screenshot/ Youtube)

One of China's all-time highest-grossing movie, 'Wolf Warrior 2', is scheduled for re-release this month from September 19 to October 19 after it was announced on Thursday, September 13.

According to the reports of Chinese media, a notice came out from Guandong-based theater chain Dadi Cinema, who said that the screening was organized to meet affiliated cinema demands for a more diverse movie theme experience, promote market competitiveness and raise box office revenues. Dadi Cinema has 200 cinema chains throughout the country and any cinema who wishes to rerun the hit movie will need to pay 1,000 yuan to acquire the rights from Dadi.

However, unlike its first screening in 2017, Dadi Cinemas will not be releasing the re-screening box office earnings of the film as noted by its notice. Cinemas will also be allowed to arrange their own promotions and ticket sales, but online tickets must not be sold for less than 19.9 yuan.

Since it was released in 2017, 'Wolf Warrior 2' reported a stunning 5.68 billion yuan revenue, breaking the record of Stephen Chow's 'The Mermaid'. It also became the top grossing military-themed action film in China's box office.

Netizens have been elated by the news of the rescreening of the film and even joked that it may be the solution to the lackluster movie market in the country. They also said it may break the 6 billion yuan mark once it is released.

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Wolf Warrior 2 to be Rerun in Chinese Cinema

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