Parenting Issues On Focus in New Chinese Film

By Mei Manuel, December 06, 2018 00:12 AM


After five years since it was finished, Chinese award-winning director Cao Baoping's film "Einstein and Einstein" will finally be released on December 7.

The film takes a look into parenting and the problems that is attached to it. It focuses on a 13-year-old girl named Li Wan, who had to live with her grandparents after her parents gotten a divorce. She would then live with her father, who is now married to another woman and now has another child. In order to help the smart yet introverted girl, the father then gives her a puppy, who brings in passion and love to her life.

But all of a sudden, the puppy disappears.

The film had already been released in 2014 at the 2014 Beijing College Student Film Festival but this will be the first general release for the film. According to Cao, the film will never be out of date because the theme is still applicable to all families.

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