Chinese Box Office Revenue for 2018 Slowed in Growth

By Mei Manuel, January 02, 2019 22:01 PM

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Chinese state media reported that China's box office revenue for 2018 only rose 9% to 60.98 billion yuan, slower than the 13.45% increase in 2017.

According to the report of Xinhua late Monday which cited the State Film Administration, the domestic films released in the country for 2018 made a ticket sale of 37.6 billion yuan, making up the 62% of the country's total box office.The remaining percentage comprise ticket sales from foreign films.

In 2017, domestic films comprised 54% of the total box office.

It was also reported that the number of movie theaters in the country is around 60,079, an increase of 9,303 from the 2017 numbers. These theaters enabled China to overtake the United States in terms of the number of movie houses available in the country.

Many film producers and companies are looking into China to increase their box office returns even though China has a strict rule on how many foreign films can be shown in the country and the censorship rules it has.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is working on ways to promote home-grown productions, but so far, big-budget Chinese films have been experiencing trouble in the box office while medium-sized productions have been doing farely well.

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