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Brother Yingli Li, the Chinese Voice behind David Pawson's Sermons

Brother Yingli Li, the Chinese Voice behind David Pawson's Sermons

Li Yingli Li Yingli
ByRuth Wang June 02, 2020
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On May 21, 2020, the renowned Bible teacher David Pawson passed away. His sermons have spread throughout the world, and many Christians everywhere expressed their appreciation and gratitude to him.

Many of David Pawson's sermons have been translated and broadcast on Good News TV in Taiwan, China, and have become popular among many Christians in Chinese churches and have helped them a lot.

Many Chinese are more familiar with the mandarin translation of David Pawson's sermons than with his original voice, which is gentle and firm, full of affinity. This voice comes from Brother Yingli Li, a famous voice artist in Taiwan.

A Chinese mainland Christian shared on Weibo on May 15, "Rev. David Pawson passed away on May 21, 2020. After listening to his sermon videos for so many years, today I finally know that Brother Yingli Li from Taiwan dubbed his sermons into Chinese. I would like to honor him for his work and hope to see him someday.”

Brother Li has dubbed many films and been the voice of performers Bohai Zhang, Fu Bai, Peng Wu, and Quan Zhu in a famous Taiwan TV series “You Long Jing Feng”; and the performer Xu Gao in “Tours of Bao Zheng”.

He also played the voice of the characters of Cacao, Houdun Xia and Zhuo Dong in the Japanese game Dynasty Warriors 2, the voice of Mr. Perkins from the American animated TV series Despicable Me, the voice of Gus (Octavian) in American animated film Cinderella series 1-3, the voice of Arado in “Rio 2”, and the voice of Master Thundering Rhino in Kung Fu Panda 2.

- Translated by Sophia Chen

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