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Christian Singer JJ Lin Released New Single "After The Rain"

Christian Singer JJ Lin Released New Single "After The Rain"

The MV cover of the new single The MV cover of the new single "After The Rain" released by JJ Lin, a Singapore superstar(JJ Lin)
ByChristine Lau December 02, 2021
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On November 29, Christian singer JJ Lin released the latest single to encourage everyone who has experienced rains and storms to see the sun again.

Starting from his recent experience, the Singaporean celebrity claimed that although he encountered difficulties, he believed that as long as he could get through this tough period, he would become stronger.

He wrote on social media, "A few months ago, I encountered a sudden storm in my life and work. At first, I felt inexplicable, angry, and helpless. One night when I was at my good friend's house, there was a heavy storm outside. I played the piano, and this melody came out of the blue. I told myself that as long as I could get through this tough period, I would become stronger! Music is an outlet and also a pillar for me to find myself. Everyone will experience the storm. I hope to use this song to witness our growth! After the rain, we will see the sun again! The new EP ‘After the Rain’ is released with warmth! "

Fans left messages as follows:

"I admired your way of using music to fight back the rumor and was amazed at your courage to break free from the storm. The benefit concert not only conveys great love to the world but also makes us more determined. There will always be a rainbow after the storm, and the future will be better!"

"Thank you for healing me with music."

"The sun will surely rise again after the storm."

- Translated by Tracy Ye

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