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Christian Singer Xiang Hai Releases Third Album 'Through the Dark Light'

Christian Singer Xiang Hai Releases Third Album 'Through the Dark Light'

This is a poster of Xianghai's third hymn album This is a poster of Xianghai's third hymn album "Through the Dark Light", which was released online on December 22, 2021.(Xianghai)
ByChristine Lau January 13, 2022
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Christian singer Xiang Hai released his third hymn album  "Through the Dark Light".

On December 22, 2021, the virtual press conference for Xiang Hai's third hymn album "Through the Dark Light" was hosted by MeiXun Music, a Christian music ministry.

"For me, this album is a new beginning of life," said the Christian singer when sharing testimony about his first album "Jesus Who Am I" at the press meeting.

Xiang’s real commercial album "Saying Goodbye to People Who Don't Love Me" was released in 2006. The reception of the album was far less than others had expected. Since then, he had experienced down periods for a long time.

When he released his first hymn album "Jesus Who Am I" in 2015, he admitted, “If my commercial album was popular in 2006, I would be like many people. I would lose myself, become proud, and even degenerate. The bad, evil, and addictive things you imagine would happen to me... When I have an album written to my God, I know that God has been protecting me. He knows what I want and what to give me. If I got what I wanted, I would lose eternity and life. "

As David said in Psalm, "God, I will sing a new song to you." He said, "This is my greatest value and mission at present."

At the press conference, he also shared the creative background and story of his three hymn albums. Among them, the production of the third album "Through the Dark Light” was started during the outbreak of COVID-19, and he had experienced all sorts of difficulties until now. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, this album was basically made by Xianghai alone, and the works of the album were basically written around the special environment of the situation of COVID-19.

The hymn "Priase Be to the Lord" in the third album was created during the Spring Festival in the year of COVID-19. Xianghai shared: "Disturbed that year, at the same time, I also knew that everything was in the hands of God. What can people do in the face of disasters and pandemics? Can we predict the future or stop anything? In fact, we are really so insignificant that we can't do anything but rely on God. Praise be to the  Lord who loves us and created us."

A brief introduction of Xiang Hai:

Xianghai, a creative singer in mainland China, is a Christian. After knowing God, he found it wonderful to create hymns in the Lord. Before Christmas 2015, the Palm Spring Chorus released the first Gospel Album "Jesus who am I", in which the lyrics and songs of the hymns were almost written by Xianghai, and the single video of the "Today is Sunday” was broadcast more than 20 million times. The second hymn album "Follow You" was released in 2018.

-Translated by Tracy Ye

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