Guangzhou YWCA Visits Low-Income Families

By Issachar Li, January 23, 2016 02:01 AM

Gisiting(Guangzhou YWCA)

On January 15, 2016, Guangzhou YWCA sent 45 gifts to poor families of the disabled in Zhuguangjie Family Service Center. Guangzhou YWCA claims that it cooperates with Suixing Social Service Center and raises 100 love gifts (including rice and oil) worthy 4250 RMB.

Guangzhou YWCA undertakes the Zhuguangjie Family Comprehensive Service Program from March, 2015, providing six kinds of social service for the aged, youth, families, the disabled, volunteers and community construction.

Undertaking social service programs is one of the ways where YWCA serves the society and Beijing YWCA has the similar service. Recently the website of Beijing Ethnics and Religion states that a program regarding helping the elderly Beijing YWCA undertakes for the government is awarded the third prize of outstanding project by Beijing Social Work Committee, and gets the bonus of 30,000 yuan for continue implement and promotion of the project.

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